Its official, I’m a year older!

Wait for it, let’s see how it all started.

7th January, 1987 at exactly 7am, a baby boy was born into the family of Ayodele and Bolanle Oguntoye. 7 days later, he was named as follows; Olawale Emmanuel Oluwaseun Olasunkanmi, The Son of Oguntoye.

7, it seems is the number of perfection and one would expect a lot of perfect things to surround me bearing in mind the ‘7s’ that surround my birth circumstances. I was even born 7am! Imagine!!!

However, my life has been far from perfect. It’s been many things rolled into one. Joy, sadness, disappointment, loss, Victory, fulfillment, love, heartbreak etc.

Growing up was fun. Not necessarily lots of fun but I think I had my fair share. U see, my dad is a medical doctor, he was running a private practice by the time I was born and still does till today. As such, he rarely had time to play as such. I have few memories of my dad taking us out but the few times he did, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I still remember the visit to the National museum in Onikan and the bar beach when he changed his car to a Peugeot 505, don’t remember how old I was then but those were cherished times.

Primary school was fun as far as I can remember. I didn’t start off quite smart as many people think. I remember the first time I was 1st in my class was in Pry 2, and I even lost it for 2 terms in Pry 4 to a new boy who just came from nowhere to take my shine away *winks*.

High school brought a lot of competition though I was still unserious by my now- standards but I still managed to breeze through, shining once in a while but still managing to distinguish myself.

My real lessons in life started in University. OAU turned out to be an eye opener. Turns out hardwork was necessary even to fail a course respectably and I had to brace my sleeves. I can truly say I learnt how to study in Ife. Academics took a whole new dimension. For the first time, I had to live outside my father’s house with total strangers who would later become soul mates. I had to cook my own food, wash all of my own clothes, make all my decisions, learn how to live on a budget ( for the first time in my life) et al. And  I’m proud of myself as I succeeded.

Being a Christian took on a new meaning as I discovered more about God and gradually, leadership and responsibility crept into my life.

Today, I turn 25 and it means a lot to me.  I will take my time to be grateful to God and to my wonderful parents, sisters and friends for being there for me and allowing me to be there for them at different times. I will take a little time to celebrate.

I might not have achieved all I planned for this age 9 years ago when I got into university but I know I’ve not been a failure. I’m moving forward in life and day by day, many people are proud of me and I’m also proud of myself.

I’m 25, currently studying for my masters in one of the best professional engineering schools in the world. I’m blessed with a family that loves me. I have friends that cherish and mean a lot to me. The thought of my potentials scare me but I’m gradually living up to them and I’m happy with what I’ve made of my life so far.

Join me in raising your glasses (filled with whatever you enjoy. *send the bill) to Life and to a future so bright!

Happy Birthday to me!

Olawale Oguntoye

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2011 – 2012

Melo ni kin royin ninu ore ti Jesu se

Melo ni kin royin ninu ore ti Baba se

Ore re ma po, o ju iyanrin okun lo

Melo ni kin royin

Afi kin sa ma dupe!


This summarises my story in 2011!!!


Dec 31st,2010: 12:30pm (GMT+1)

I got a mail that led to a series of evetns that transformed my life TOTALly!!!


My story in 2011 is one of gratitude.


Gratitude to God for keeping me alive and sane till this time

It is by his mercies that I’m not consumed

His strength is always made known in my weakness

When I almost gave up, he encouraged me

He gave me reasons to look forward to every new day

He’s the Lord my keeper, the Lord my Provider

and the Lifter of my head.


Gratitude to my wonderful Family

My pillar of support and Strength

You loved me unconditionally through it all

Through the tears, pain, laughter and celebrations

You were there for me

You were the strength I needed to keep going

Your prayers always make the difference

I love you and I’m grateful

NB: I consider Henry Olamiju Thomas and Fumilayo Osinaike as Family already; Thanks guys!!!


Gratitude to Friends all around me

2011 might have turned a different direction

But for the quality Friends that surrounded me on every side

They encouraged me

They supported me

They gave me quality advice

They prayed for me and prayed with me

To all my Friends in 2011

Those I knew before and the wonderful people God brought my way in 2011



Gratitude to Colleagues in every Place

In Lafarge Process & Quality

NYSC – Sagamu

RCCG – Shalom Parish

Scib Nig & Co Ltd

TOTAL Nigeria Scholars Group


IFP School RGE 2012 Class

Thank you all for your inputs in my Life

I’m grateful.


In all

As I welcome 2012 with open mind and a open heart

Its going to be a pivotal year for me

A year of Seeking Knowledge, Building and nuturing relationships, Exploring the world around me

Becoming a better ME, sustaining a more intimate friendship with God

and living Life to the Fullest!!!


Wishing myself a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!



11:30am (GMT)

Dec 31, 2011


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